Kuku BIAB Bit Pack


The newest addition to the Kuku E-file Bit collection. The BIAB Bit Pack boasts a combination of Carbide and Diamond Dusted bits to complete a collection perfect for use during BIAB treatments.

1. Zig – A Carbide bit used for infills, Zig is petite and ideal to reach areas of BIAB needing removed ready to infill.

2. Spicy Nug – A Diamond Dusted bit for prep. Spicy Nug is strategically shaped for effective cuticle removal and prep work around the natural nail.

3. Tim – Tim is a Carbide bit for de-bulking and infills. A petite barrel bit, Tim is ideal for working on BIAB nails at a natural length.

4. Coco – A Diamond Dusted bit for prep work. Coco is a little ball of power, she will make your cuticle work and nail prep as easy as you like.

5. Zag – A Diamond Dusted bit for prep work. Zags flat top makes it super effective in cuticle removal. Zag’s distinctive shape helps you remove cuticle and debris from around the natural nail allowing your BIAB application to be flawless.

6. Sandy – A mandrel bit for sanding bands.

The BIAB Bit Pack is the perfect partner for our Kuku Pro Builder Gel and of course our Kuku E-File.