Kuku E-File Bit: Special Edition No. 2

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Our Kuku Special Edition E-File Bits were created with the fully booked professional nail tech in mind that needs their bits to go that extra mile. With a special coating on each, these bits will not only last longer, but work more effectively to de-bulk and remove your product of choice. The special edition coating doubles the life span of your bits.

Plus you can’t deny.. they’re gorgeous!

Special Edition 3 is a cone shaped bit created to smooth, de-bulk and remove.

Standard 3/32″ size


M A I N T E N A N C E 

  • Use Sweep from our Kuku Bit Pack to remove the unwanted debris after each use
  • We recommended using Barbicide to sterilise your Kuku Bits. Please follow the instructions carefully as not to damage your bits.
  • Always dry your bits before returning to your Kuku E-File special edition bit holder.