Kuku E-File

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Our Kuku E-File was the original portable E-File that broke the stigma and took the nail world by storm. It put us on the map – and not just UK & Ireland.. we mean worldwide.
With over 5000 units sold across 16 countries and counting, featuring on many high profile social media accounts and nail blogs.

As a standalone business first formed as an Accredited Training School, our E-File in particular was created and adapted to suit all levels of experience – student to master nail tech.

And here’s why you can’t wait to get your hands on it..

  • 0-30,000 rpm with minimal vibration
  • Torque of 2.5ncm
  • Lightweight, compact design for ease of use and portability
  • Slimline handpiece with non-slip silicone grip and built in fan
  • Charge time 2hrs / Run time 20hrs
  • Forward and Reverse Direction
  • Low noise
  • 12 month warranty covering all manufacturing faults

Compatible with standard 3/32″ shank bits.

Works best with our Kuku E-File Bits 

Warranty information can be found at WARRANTY.

Each Kuku E-File comes with an accessory pack including:

  1. E-File handpiece protective bar. This should be kept within the handpiece when not in use to avoid damage.
  2. Handpiece table top rest.
  3. Handpiece holster which can be removed from the side of the e-file unit.
  4. Charger.
  5. Instruction manual.
  6. E-File care slip.

We’ve been saying it endlessly, but if you look after your E-File; it will look after you and make your job easier for years!

Kuku E-File Dust Caps will do just that ✨

£29.99 for 100pcs. You will need one of these bad boys per E-File bit for convenience, and you want to be changing these regularly and keeping them super clean and dust free!
The whole point of the dust cap is to slip over your bit, where it goes into the E-File and have it snug right against the tip of the handpiece to prevent dust inhalation into the handpiece.

Dust build up can cause a long series of issues such as clogging, blockages, overheating and irreversible damage to the internal workings of your file. Using these little guys will save you the heartache.

Available online and in store.


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