Kuku Brush: Teeny



The smallest of our brushes, living up to its name. Teeny is every hand painting nail tech’s dream. The smallest of hairs, at the sharpest of points to make even the smallest of details feel like light work.

All Kuku brushes come with a protective cap to keep your brush clean and free from dust or damage. With a crystal filled handle to catch the eye and keep your workspace as beautiful as your clients nails.

B R U S H  C A R E


  • It is essential to prepare your brush before it’s first use. You will notice the bristles are held in shape with a holding agent, which must be removed to ensure you and your brush get off on the right foot.
  • Carefully break the seal of the holding agent by rocking the bristles back and forth.
  • Ensure you thoroughly remove all debris and dust from the brush, right from the centre of the bristles.
  • When it appears all of the dust has been removed, dip your brush into alcohol and wipe onto clean paper towel
  • Reshape your bristles and carefully replace the lid
  • Remember to store your brushes, bristles down

If you fail to prep your brush adequately, you may find that the bristles split after a few uses.

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