Kuku Extractor Fan

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This powerful dust extractor boasts a large extraction area and fan for maximum dust removal. Compact and lightweight making it perfect for both mobile techs and salon based techs, its the perfect partner for the Kuku E-File.

Hi Power: 40W
Voltage: AC 100v-220v 50/60HZ
Product Dimensions: 23.5x19x8.5cm
Package Dimensions: 26×24.5×9.8cm

Kuku Extractor Fan Filters need to be cleaned after every use. We recommend changing them monthly, but this is dependant on usage.

C L E A N I N G  Y O U R  F I L T E R

  • Remove your filter from the fan gently
  • Place the filter in a waste bag and tap the filter to remove the excess dust into the bag
  • Hold the filter over a dust bin and blow with the COOL setting of a hair dryer to deep clean the filter
  • Please do not use water on the filters

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