Kuku E-File Bits

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The Kuku Tungsten Carbide Nail Drill Bits Set Contains 7 Pieces in 

1 and are compatible with most E-Files that use 3/32″ bits.

Works best with the Kuku E-File.

  1. Flame Bit – Perfect for removing bulk and shaping product.
  2. Tornado 1 – The larger tornado bit, this will be perfect for shaping the product around the cuticle and sidewall areas after application before going in with the finer tornado bit
  3. Tornado 2 – The finer tornado bit, this is for really fine work, you will use this to refine you shape and remove any slight imperfections.
  4. Med safety bit – Your best friend. This bit will shape your product, it’ll be your ‘go to’ bit.
  5. Extreme Remover bit – It’s all in the name. This bit is for removing and de-bulking.
  6. Cuticle cleaner – Removes excess cuticle with ease.
  7. Dust brush – Clean dust from your bits using this hard- bristled brush ( not for use in the file)